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Z: Scientific peer review is deeply flawed

Although ‚Ěóbeware: our level of knowledge is far thinner than we would like, as R: tennantLimitationsOurUnderstanding2020 argue in a review of the literature.

Q: What is synthesis?

Also ‚Ěóbeware : What is the value of defining an umbrella term?

June 29th, 2020

‚Ěóbeware: Shannon makes the assumption in @shannonMathematicalTheoryCommunication1948 (the original paper on information theory) that the semantics / meaning of the information doesn't matter for his purposes; but I wonder how, if at all, that limits the scope of generality. I'm sure that has been examined in the years since, so we should be careful to follow those, especially since Shannon himself cautioned against generalizing too much (@shannonBandwagonEdtl1956)