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[[QUE - What are the mechanisms by which analogies help drive creative breakthroughs?]] sticky

[[CLM - Core attribute (mis)matches mediate the benefits of analogies in real-world, complex problem solving]]

[[QUE - How might domain distance modulate the effects of analogies on creative output?]]

[[CLM - Analogical distance of inspirations for an idea are positively related to the idea's creativity]]

[[CLM - There is a "Sweet Spot" in Analogical Distance. Somewhat far analogies lead to better creative outcomes than very near or very far analogies]]

[[QUE - How does analogy actually happen in the process of scholarly/scientific innovation?]]

[[QUE - What factors control whether people appropriately benefit from analogies (especially far-field ones) during creative problem solving?]]

sticky [[QUE - Under what conditions do diverse initial examples lead to better final design solutions?]]

[[QUE - What properties of design spaces might influence effects of diversity (from a theoretical / empirical, human-centric POV) on final quality?]]

[[QUE - How can we conceptualize diversity in creative knowledge work?]]

[[QUE - What are some major phenomena around designers' exploration of design spaces and how might these map to characteristics of optimizers?]]

sticky [[QUE - How can we design sustainable infrastructures for supporting interdisciplinary scholarly synthesis?]]

[[QUE - What are the most efficient routes to useful cross-boundary knowledge?]]

[[QUE - Under what conditions is it possible to transfer expertise from one person to another?]]

[[QUE - How can we best bridge private vs. public knowledge?]]

[[QUE - What is the data structure of a graph built to facilitate distributed synthesis?]]

[[QUE - What is synthesis?]]

[[QUE - What is context for the purposes of scholarly synthesis?]]

[[QUE - What (existing) systems facilitate individual synthesis?]]

[[QUE - What is the data structure of a graph built to facilitate synthesis?]]

[[QUE - What is the data structure of a graph built to facilitate collaborative synthesis?]]

[[QUE - Can deep learning really discover analogical representations?]]

[[QUE - What tension points exist between the goals of diversity and depth of user participation in participatory design?]] sticky

[[CLM - Marginalized user populations may require involvement of extra stakeholders who may complicate hearing the users' voices]]

[[QUE - What social and institutional conditions best facilitate research innovation?]] sticky

[[QUE - What are powerful funding models for maximizing breakthrough research progress?]]

[[CLM - Prevailing incentives in academia are bad for science]]

[[CLM - Error detection work in science is systematically undervalued]]

[[CLM - Scientists prefer to pursue safer incremental advances rather than risky breakthroughs]]

[[CLM - Prestige substantially controls how scientific ideas spread]]

[[QUE - How might AI systems augment human creativity?]]


Process for this specified in πŸ‘©β€πŸ« HowTo/Synthesis